Saltwater Designs is a design studio dedicated to helping female founders elevate their brand visuals to align with their value through visual branding, custom web design, and customizable showit templates. 

Intentional Branding and Expert Design - With Splashes of Fun, For Good Measure

I understand how much you crave simplicity, and how much you thrive with streamlined systems, clear processes, and expert guidance -- because that’s the exact foundation I’ve built my own business on.

Through a smooth, intentional experience designed to accommodate your needs, I’ll create a purposeful brand identity that you can be confident in—even when your *out of office* message is on. 

To me, the freedom of owning your own business is less about being able to work from anywhere, and more about being able to work on the projects that light you up. When you have a solidified brand that your audience can connect with, you’re setting your business (and yourself!) up for success.  Nothing feels better than being able to trust that you’ve put the best possible systems in place to then take time off from work with confidence and ease. 

I’m much more family time than fifty-hour work week, and I love working with creatives who value maintaining the balance between hard work and enjoying life.

I’m dedicated to making your branding + web design process feel as effortless as smoothing out your beach towel and settling in under the warm rays of the sun.


anything that gets me outside or in the water! I love scuba diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, backpacking, hiking, and any activity I can do with my dog! 

My other hobbies and passions are...

 customizing my Showit website templates for creatives who are ready to elevate their online presence.

Love to work on...

 I always read the blinkist version of books . There’s just so much to learn and I want to learn it now! (Hi again, Enneagram 7).

Not sure if I want to admit…

living on an island and waking up to the ocean every day.

Always dreaming about...

business owners who put their all into their businesses but still know when it’s time to relax screen-free

Inspired by...

how much my clients value the one-of-a-kind experience I provide them with.

Something i'm proud of...

pour myself a cup of coffee and open my Daily Stoic app. it helps me set my intentions each day and truly helps my mindset. 

The first thing I do in the morning is....


dive deeper

I'll have the champagne waiting on your beach towel.

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