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I'm Shelby.

Not long ago, I was sitting in an office monday through friday at my full-time graphic design job wishing I was anywhere else. It wasn't that I didn't like my job. In fact, if I had to have a full-time job working for someone else, that is exactly where I wanted to be. But what I was really craving was my freedom. Freedom to take a midday hike if the weather was too perfect to be inside. Freedom to snuggle my dog a little longer in the morning, and freedom to travel and work from anywhere. I finally decided to chase that dream by starting my own branding and web design business, where I would not only allow myself that freedom, but also help other women like me who were tired of staring out their office windows every day to turn their side businesses into their full time gig. I think in this day and age, many of us have realized that we don't want to be stuck in a cubicle day after day for the next forty years of our lives. We want to take our freedom into our own hands and spend our precious time doing what we love while also creating a way to pay the bills. 

If you can relate, then we would make a great team! I want to help you elevate your business and web presence by creating a beautiful brand and website design so you can finally live your daydream. 


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The Ocean
The Mountains

The Office
Below Deck
Big Brother

The Chainsmokers
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Our sweet golden retriever who loves the water, the mountains, snuggles, and road trips! Can't imagine life without him!


We met in 2010 when we both lived in Pensacola, FL and got married about a year later. Since then, life has been filled with so many adventures.


I got sinky my freshman year of college and she's moved all over the world with me, but would prefer to stay inside relaxing in the sink.

the family


the bucket list



scuba dive with sharks

We went on a dive trip to Fiji and this was the most memorable, magical, coolest thing I have ever done! We were surrounded by bull sharks, lemon sharks, and thousands of fish. No cages necessary. Such a surreal experience!


go to surf camp

Not yet! I'd love to learn how to surf because I love anything that gets me in the ocean, but I think I really need a week long intensive training camp. I've been researching some in Costa Rica that also include yoga and photography!


travel europe

We got the chance to live in England for 3 years and we took advantage of all of the traveling opportunities it gave us. Ryanair and Easyjet flights made it so easy to travel to so many destinations! Currently planning a trip back for the end of Summer. 


pet All the dogs

Not sure if this is attainable, but I'm working on it! Please let me meet your dog.


own an apartment to rent out on airbnb

This is in the works! We plan to start in my hometown of Nashville and then eventually have rentals available in Austin and Huntington Beach as well. We have wanted to do this for years and have some really cool ideas for them!


learn to ski and enjoy it

I love skiing now but that was NOT always the case. Honestly I don't think Will and I could be married if I didn't learn to ski and enjoy it, but for a girl from TN who used to hate being cold and was never exactly an athlete... it was a rough start. 

"Thalassophile (n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean."

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