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Check all those design items off your to do list

As your business grows, you likely also have a growing list of new ideas and design work that needs to be done so you can put those ideas into action. Maybe its designing additional print collateral pieces for your brand's packaging or adding an ecommerce section to your website. It can all start to feel a bit overwhelming as the list grows and eventually those well laid out plans get pushed to the side because implementing those ideas just feels like too tedious of a task alongside everything else you have going on as a business owner. You don't know when your designer will have availability to help you  and how long it will take to actually get it all done, much less the cost when you tally it all up, hour by hour stretched over the course of months and back and forth emails. 

But maybe it doesn't have to be that way!  Maybe instead of letting those new ideas and business ventures overwhelm you, you can simply reach out to your designer, select a day to get it all done, and have all those items (or at least the majority of them) crossed off your to do list in one day so that your business can keep moving forward! And even better, you know exactly how much it will cost.  This is exactly what my One Day Design Intensives are all about. 

As my project calendar got booked out further and my package prices rose, I was constantly overbooking and overworking myself because I felt too bad saying no or telling people "i'd love to help! in 4 months..." when I knew the design work they were asking for would be such an asset to their business and I didn't want to make them wait. I needed a solution where I could still say yes while respecting the boundaries of my work hours and knowing exactly how long I would need to set aside for these additional projects. So now, every Wednesday of my week is reserved for a One Day Design Intensive. 

With One Day Design Intensives, you will receive the same quality of work you would expect in any of my other packages, but it will happen all in one 8 hour day (or 4 hour half day) at a flat rate.  Of course I have to be real about what I can accomplish in one day and that will vary by project as well as factors like timely feedback on the day of your intensive, but we cover this in a Strategy call before your intensive so that we can prioritize tasks and make sure we make the most of our day together. It's important to keep in mind that you will be booking me for the day rather than the deliverables, but rest assured that as a seasoned designer, I have a streamlined process to ensure that your day runs smoothly and efficiently  so that you can take all those new ideas and start implementing them to grow your business!

Once we have completed your one day design intensive, i'll be available to your for 30 days via email or on Asana so that you can reach out if you find yourself lost, confused or stuck on anything related to the work that we accomplished.

step Five

Our Day will be from 8am - 5pm CST with a one hour break for lunch. Half Days will be from 8am-12pm. I will spend the whole day dedicated to your project with no distractions.

At the end of the day you will be provided with all final deliverables for the finished items

step Four

2-7 Days before your Intensive, we will have a 30 minute Strategy Call. This call will ensure that we’re on the same page with expectations, and will help us to make sure we’re using our time together most effectively.

step three

One you've booked your date, you'll receive a couple of emails from me. One will contain your welcome packet which includes all the important info you need along with a link to schedule your pre-intensive strategy call. The other email will come later and will be a content request/questionnaire for any content I may need from you. 

step two

Choose a day up to 30 days from now that works best for you. Ensure that you give yourself time to do any prep work before the intensive. You'll need to be virtually "available" that day for providing feedback as I work through your list of requests. Secure your date with a 50% Deposit

step one

The Process

Upon booking, you will be required to make a $500 deposit to reserve your one day design intensive date. The remaining 50% will be due within 24 hours of completion of your one day design intensive.

Full day: $1000

The Investment

PDF Guides 
E-Book Creations
Packaging Design
Social Media Templates
Newsletter Designs
Additional Logos for Brand Expansions
Print Collateral Designs
Brand Marks/Icons/Graphics
Whatever you need!


Some Ideas

Landing Pages
Add On Pages
Copy Updates
Design Refresh (update colors, type, style)
E-Commerce Add On
New Sections (testimonials, quizzes, etc...)
New Integrations (CRM forms, embedded items)
Newsletter Sign Up
Member Lounges
Sales Pages


These are just some of the things we could accomplish in your one day design intensive. Yours will be unique to your design needs and may be one or two things or a mix of a bunch of them. 

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Spots are limited and can only be booked up to 30 days in advance so that we can get that design work you need done right away and start moving your business forward.

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