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03 /23

Work From Home Series pt. 2: Productivity Soaks

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I started this work from home series to share how I take advantage of working from home to be productive, spark creativity and infuse some fun and self care into my work days and break up the monotony. If you haven’t already, check out part 1 of the series here for my first tip, Workday Mocktails!

For the second part in this series, I would like to present.. Productive Soaks in the tub! Hear me out..

Yes, I know we are told time and again to work at a dedicated workspace and not allow work to creep into those sacred spaces where we go to retreat and relax. I listened to that advice for a while, and then I broke it, and guess what? I’m still fully able to relax in the tub in the evening too! It’s not something I associate with work when I’m not working despite what those articles say.

So why would you want to start making productive soaks a part of your work day?

• Because you definitely couldn’t pull that off in an office, take advantage of your situation!

• #selfcare- Bring on the bubbles, facemasks, candles, salt soaks, and hot lemon water or coffee

• Ease into your work day

• Change up your Scenery and Routine

• A treat in the middle of your day while you’re doing other tasks you would have just been sitting at your desk for.

While I realize not all types of work can be done from the tub, I find plenty of things I can do in my business while taking a soak! Some of these tasks I would definitely advise having a waterproof phone or phone case for though!

Some Ideas:

• Set your Intentions/Plan Your To Do List for the Day

• Watch a Course

• Reply to Social Media Comments

• Participate in Facebook Groups

• Respond to Emails

• Brainstorm Blog Post Content- write short notes

• Listen to a Business or Creative Podcast

• Read a business/creative book in your field

• Flip through magazines to source inspiration

Personally, I like to take a productive soak at least a couple times a week. Sometimes I will do it first thing in the morning, when I’m not quite ready to go sit at my desk yet. It helps me ease into my day. I turn on some peaceful music (I like the Peaceful Retreat playlist on Spotify), sip on coffee and start my Daily Stoic tasks for the day (one of my fave apps!). This gives me a chance to set my intentions for the day in a peaceful space before jumping into work. Then I usually respond to any emails in my inbox that don’t require me being at my computer. After that, I take care of whatever tasks I can easily do from my phone before turning on a podcast for the rest of the time. After my bath, I’ll get ready for the day and head to my workspace knowing that I can dive right in to your bigger projects since I’ve already completed admin tasks, responded to emails, and gotten inspired for the day!

Sometimes, when I am feeling burnt out at my desk and need a change of scenery, I will take a midday soak! It’s a nice way to step away from my desk for a while and change gears to knock out a lot of those other small tasks that build up throughout the day (like a growing inbox). I may also be feeling like I’m in a creative rut at the time, so taking the time to flip through a magazine or pinterest may help spark some inspiration so that when I return to my desk, the creativity flows.

Keep en eye out for the next installment in this series next week! If you missed the first part in the series, check it out here!

PS- I’m starting a new digital co-working community called The Saltwater Society! More details to come in a future post, but to start, come hang out on the Slack channel by signing up below! Once you sign up, you’ll receive your slack invite link. In the future, you can expect special resources just for members, member meetups, and more!

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